VetSpecs® UE-3

Universal Esophageal ECG & Respiration Probes

Compatible with All Monitors Containing ECG of Any Brand

Set of 3 Sized Probes

Are you frustrated by registering erratic ECG, with an erroneous heart rate, when using ECG leads with the painful alligator clips? Please try the UE-3 universal esophageal probes, which allow all monitors with ECG to register ECG in veterinary patients without attaching the ECG leads (with alligator clips or other types of electrodes) on the patient’s body or legs. When used with all modern multiparameter monitors, the UE-3 probes may record both ECG and respiration at the same time.

The UE-3 probes are available in three sizes, one for medium and large dogs, one for cats and small dogs, and one for kittens and similar-sized exotic animals. With the UE-3 probes, your vital signs monitoring in surgery will become easier and much more effective. To apply the probes, simply select a probe of right size for the patient, and slide it into the esophagus. Once inserted, the probe will stay in position throughout the procedure. Due to its proximity to the heart and the lung, with excellent electrode to tissue contacts, the probe registers large and stable ECG and respiratory waveforms, with accurate heart rates and respiratory rates, even in the smallest cats and dogs.

For monitors using ECG leads with alligator clips, simply clip the leads onto the connection board of the probe. For monitors with the standard ECG snap leads, simply snap the leads onto the connection board of the probe. For more information, please watch the above video.

We also offer two other types of ECG electrodes, compatible with all monitors which provide the standard ECG snap leads. They are the Limb Plates with Velcro Straps (set of 3), designed mainly for monitoring in dentistry, post-operative recovery and ICU, and the Atraumatic Flat Clips (set of 3), ideal for use in quick ECG screening. For more information, please watch the video below.