Free Clinical Trial

We invite veterinary professionals in the United States and Canada to trial a VetSpecs® patient monitoring system in their practice with no purchase obligation. During the trial, VetSpecs will provide your staff with complementary training and technical support via telephone and product specific videos.

To minimize the uncertainty associated with adapting a new technology or product, and to demonstrate that the VetSpecs® patient monitor will pay for itself with a portion of the revenue generated from its use, VetSpecs offers a 24-month lease to own program (including a full manufacturer’s warranty) with a $1.00 buyout. The 24-month lease to own program also includes an open opt-out option. If for any reason you choose to opt-out, simply return the monitor to VetSpecs, and all remaining payments will be ceased.

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VetSpecs, Inc. markets its products directly to veterinary hospitals and clinics in the USA and Canada. All VetSpecs® products are sold exclusively by VetSpecs direct sales force. We believe that selling direct allows us to deliver more value and provide better service to our customers. For customers outside the USA and Canada, please contact VetSpecs local distributors.