Slider PM100Our New Flagship Model - the VetSpecs® PM100

Featuring a number of VetSpecs® proprietary technologies, the PM100 offers comprehensive vital signs monitoring, photon wound therapy, and adaptive patient warming. It saves all registered information on a regular USB flash drive for easy transfer of data to computers. The saved data is compatible with ALL practice management software systems.

Slider-BP MachineVetSpecs® Blood Pressure - a breakthrough technology

Developed specifically for use in cats, dogs, and other similar sized animals, this noninvasive BP method is called Volume Plethysmography. It works in the same principle as the Doppler method, but is much easier to use and totally automated. This BP technology is featured in VetSpecs® EXAM, VetSpecs® Dental+, VetSpecs® PM10, and VetSpecs® PM100.

slider-capno2VetSpecs® Capnography

We offer both mainstream capnography and side-stream capnography in stand-alone handheld units and multi-parameter units.

slider-PWM3VetSpecs® Adaptive Patient Warming

Based on the advanced conductive carbon warming technology, which is widely used in the neonatal field, VetSpecs® Patient Warming is suitable for use in surgery, dentistry, postoperative care, and intensive care. This technology is offered in VetSpecs® PWM3 and VetSpecs® PM100.

Slider-PhotonWoundTherapyVetSpecs® Photon Wound Therapy

Based on a revolutionary technology originally developed by NASA, called NASA LED wound therapy, VetSpecs® photon wound therapy is offered as a stand-alone handheld unit - VetSpecs® PWT-1 and integrated with our multi-parameter vital signs monitors -  VetSpecs® PM100 and VetSpecs® PM10.

Esophageal ProbesVetSpecs® Esophageal Probes

Registering ECG and core-body temperature without attaching leads on the patient body, VetSpecs® esophageal probes come standard with VetSpecs® PM100 and VetSpecs® PM10.